True Confessions

in True Confessions, November 23, 2010

Hello friends, it has been a heavy week so I figured it was the perfect time to get a few things off my chest!

  • We celebrated the life of my aunt on Saturday, and laid her to rest in my hometown. Saturday just happened to be our 6th wedding anniversary. During the funeral, they played a slideshow of pictures that my husband and I put together of her life. I cried extra hard when pictures of me and Deb popped up from my wedding day. I am so glad she got to experience that with me, but it made it extra sad that she was no longer going to be around.
  • I am truely blessed by those of you that have sent me messages and emails over the last few weeks. You have no idea how much a random *hug* means-so thank you. I appreciate you continuing to stop by my blog even when I haven’t been around much lately. That will soon change, got some big things planned for this blog!
  • I am a worrier by nature, those of you who know me are aware of this.  I always have been a what if this kind of person. I am trying to remember to breath and let things happen as they naturally will. But its so hard to wait for things sometimes, especially when you know they are wonderful amazing things! Patience is a virtue that I wish I had more of.
  • I ate a piece of Pecan Pie yesterday….and it was fabulous. 
  • I still have baskets of laundry from last week piled on the bedroom floor, those will be out away before today is over. Promise. Well I will promise I will try to.
  • I am starting to get a cough and touch of a sore throat. I am not a fan of being sick, but I think my body is just exhausted from all the emotional drain of the past few weeks. Just hope it passes on its own quickly.
  • I am looking forward to Thanksgiving more this year then ever!  What a wonderful time to count our blessings and be with family!

Anything you want to share? It lightens the load to talk with others…go ahead…I’m listening.