You Capture – YOU

in You Capture, August 7, 2009


I have a confession to make…I have been a You Capture lurker for about a month or so now…and am so impressed with the way people take pictures! Seriously it’s like every photo has something different that makes them stand out from the ones that I take. For example, I take a picture of a my foot and it’s just a picture of a foot. But when you capture people take a picture of a foot it becomes somehow intriguing.

So in an attempt to enhance my photo-taking skills…I am joining the You Capture Challenge over at Beth’s blog (that woman is an amazing photographer!) What a better week to start with then with a self portrait.

This is hard for me, because for anyone who followed me over on my first blog knows that I have never posted a picture with my face (with the exception of my blogger profile oneand my one year comparison pic). I guess I was somehow afraid of letting people “see” me. But then I realized that by sharing all the ups and downs of my weight loss journey and hopefully someday soon my first pregnancy, I had already shared more of me than my silly face would do. I used to be fearful of someone putting a face to a name/blog….but now I would be thrilled if anyone ever introduced themselves and told me that I inspired them or made them laugh when they were feeling down. I know so many of you have done that for me over the last few months.

So here goes. My name is Mendie…it’s a pleasure to meet you!