Weigh-In Wednesday

in weigh-in, August 18, 2010
Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

It’s time to check in with my Down and Dirty Challenge. Quick post today, grabbing some lunch before getting back to work. Plus I don’t have much to gloat about this week…at all.

This week’s change: +1.2 lbs
Challenge total: -0.2 lbs
Not really surprised as I splurged a little this weekend and had a hotdog and some beers and didn’t exercise except Monday night.  But on the flip side I did get my fastest mile yet 15:21!  That’s twenty seconds faster then the week before!  Woohoo.  I can definently tell that the cooler temps are going to be easier to run in, I’m still sweating like a mother but not panting nearly as much.  Tonight is another running night, gonna try to start a little earlier to get 2 miles in.  This getting darker earlier thing sucks…confirms summer is almost over.
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