Weigh-in Wednesday

in C25K, Challenges, weigh-in, November 18, 2009

Thank goodness I have the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans to keep me accountable…I needed them more than they realized this week!  I had a loss of .2 this week…but I was sooo close to reporting a big gain!  Let me elaborate.

I have been off track for almost the entire month of October.  The scale has fluctuated up and down and I stopped doing C25K when my knee started to ache, and never started back up again.  Well this weekend, when I stepped on the scale I almost cried.  It read 149.6!  Seriously?  Yeah…seriously.  I had gained 7 lbs since October 7th….that made me feel pretty shitty.  So I made a pact to refocus and start back on my journey to reaching my goal weight.  I am not happy at this weight…so I need to do something about it and quit belly-aching!

This morning the scale read 146.4, down .2 from last week.  It’s down a few lbs of bloat from this weekend (thank goodness) but still far from where I was a month ago.  But I will get back there…and hope to do it by the end of the Shrink-A-Versary Challenge!  Initially I wanted to be under 140…but I will be happy if I get back to 142.  Anything else after that is just icing on the cake.

So thank you all for the kind words of support on my realization post, I will continue to lean on you for support and general ass-kicking to stay on track this time.  I can do this….I’ve already lost 40 lbs…the next 20 is possible!  I started walking again this week and I realized how much I missed it!

How was your week?  Come share your story with the Sisterhood.