Weigh-In Wednesday

in C25K, weigh-in, August 25, 2010

Good Morning friends! How are you this beautiful late summer day? I am doing good, feeling sore from the tworkout and my run last night. If you missed it, that Tara is tough…I think several of us were probably making snarky faces at her when we read her next tweet. But its great because she’s been there….she was making those same snarky faces when she started. Well I actually don’t think I remember her being snarky at all on Biggest Loser, she was always so determined but you know what I mean.

So let’s see, how about an update with how my week went food and exercise wise. Well on the food front, I did splurge and have some pizza this weekend, but otherwise stayed on track for the most part. I have still been running, trying to keep up with the C25K plan…but its getting REALLY HARD! I’m still on week 5 and I’m finding out that I am having to do each day for a week at least until I am able to complete it. Last week I was doing W5D1 which was a mix of 5 min runs and 3 min walks for 2 miles. It took me a few times, but I eventually got up to running for 5 min intervals multiple times! Yippee!

On Saturday I started W5D2, which was 8 min runs and 5 min walks for 2 miles. Yeah…that’s right 8 minutes of running straight! I was scared…really scared. Did the first interval…I was like yippee that was hard yet I did it….and I’m glad to be walking now. Then when I started the second one, I was really struggling when I hit the 5 minute mark and it felt like someone was knifing my side so I walked the rest of the 1/3 mile home.

So last night I set out to try it again, it had gotten cooler so I didn’t have to wait as late to be comfortable. Started out and got my first 8 minutes in again. Then when I started my second interval, I barely made it to 3 minutes before I almost yacked. I had a horrible stabbing pains again in my right side, so quit and hobbled home. As I got closer I decided to run the last 2 minutes to finish off 1.5 miles. Not sure what my deal is. Think it’s the 8 minute interval that’s sucking all the life out of me and that it will get better? I hope so. I’m kinda stuck in the middle of ‘Why the eff can’t I keep going, my time is getting slower not faster’ and ‘Hey you just ran 8 minutes-you rock. Remember how hard it was when you ran for 3 minutes?’. Hope I can find a happy medium soon.

Anyway, here are my results from weigh-in this morning:

This week’s change: -1.3 lbs
Challenge total: -1.5 lbs

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Tada! Another loss…I’m thrilled, especially since I will probably not see a loss next week as there will be good eating and drinking going on this coming weekend with friends! Can’t wait! We do have a run planned for Saturday morning, that is if I can keep up with the 2 gazelles that are coming over! Otherwise it will be a nice relaxing weekend, the weather is supposed to be beautiful and I can’t wait to have some girl time! Woohoo for Buckeye Retreat!!!