Weigh-In Wednesday

in Challenges, weigh-in, September 22, 2010

Good morning fellow shrinkers! How was your first week of the Shrinkvivor challenge? I am happy to report that it was a good week for me, despite being stressed out about getting a new dog (whom we have named Ellie.) I stayed within my calorie count 6 out of 7 days and got in my water and miles for Tribe Burgundy Babes! Hoping to see the scale inch further to the left as a result!

Total Water=496 oz
Total Miles=8.625 miles

Change This Week: down 1.0
Total for Shrinkvivor Challenge: down 1.0

I leave for Chicago tomorrow to visit a friend for the weekend, so I’m sure that it will be filled with lots of edible temptations, but I am going to try my best not to splurge on something unless it is totally worth it. Kinda nervous about flying, haven’t been in a plane since 2003. Seriously, that’s forever ago. Add that to the nerves about leaving Emma at home with the new dog, and I think I may need to have a cocktail or seven in order to get on the plane.

*Update on Aunt Debbie.  She went to Cleveland Clinic last week for her first Avastin treatment and she did great with it.  She has been walking a little more the last week, so that is great news.  She has her moments when she will slip away and pour water on the pillow and play in it like a child would do, but for the most part she is doing better then before the treatment. She goes back in another week for another treatment.  Tomorrow night is our local Light the Night walk and my family will be pushing Debbie in a wheelchair.  I am sad that I won’t be there, but I will be in spirit.  If anyone of you plan on walking or running tomorrow evening, can you do it in honor of Debbie or for someone you know who is fighting cancer? The support of friends and family is such an important part of this journey. Thank you.