Weigh-In Wednesday

in Cancer, Emotions, weigh-in, August 11, 2010
Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

It’s time to check in with my Down and Dirty sisters. Been a long week since last weigh-in, I had to work physical inventory this weekend which means I put in over 25 hours between Friday and Saturday and recovered on Sunday.  As you can guess the only exercise I got since last week was walking the plant floor and running back and forth for reports.  Results….well see for yourself.

This week’s change: 0 lbs
Challenge total: -1.4 lbs

Can’t say I’m really surprised because I didn’t get much C25K in.  I did do a mile on Monday and the Tworkout with some sisters last night, but other then that no extra calories burned.  Oh well, back to the grind, if the rain holds out and I get out of here before dark, then the running will continue this evening. Next week I will see a loss.

On a side note, this is a check in so why not share some of the other stuff going on in my life right now.  Its weighing heavy on my heart, so I want to share.  We had a family meeting on Sunday night about helping to take shifts to sit with my Aunt Debbie, who is fighting brain cancer.  She has fallen quite a few times lately just walking to the kitchen or going to the bathroom, so we don’t want her to be alone if she doesn’t have to.  That’s one of the great things about having a big family, is that we are there for each other when we need it…and even when we don’t need it. My grandma has been going over each day to make her lunch and help her up and down the stairs, but she needs a break too, even if she won’t admit it.  Plus her little 78 year old body can’t support my aunt if she needs help or can’t help to get up the stairs. So my cousin, who is an elementrary teacher made a calender for the next few weeks so we all can keep track of who is going to go be with her on day shift and evenings when her husband is working.  I have Thursday nights, so I will go over tomorrow and make dinner and enjoy her company for a few hours.
She is headed to Cleveland Clinic today for her monthly MRI and checkup with the cancer specialists.  I guess that it took her daughter and 2 of her sisters to get her up the stairs to bed last night, she is quickly losing her strength.  She fell yesterday morning when she went to the bathroom again.  She basically has no strength left to support herself, and even had to take a wheelchair into church on Sunday.  Hopefully today they can see if something has changed that is making her weaker by the day.  Or if…well I just don’t want to think anything different.  She is a warrior but can use some backup fighters to help her this week, its been tough one.  So if you are of the praying type, when you say your prayers today, tonight or whenever you say them could you please say one for Aunt Debbie? She could use the support. Thank you.