It’s Wednesday…that means the sisterhood is weighing in! As I stated yesterday, I am at 148 this week, which is 2 lbs down from my last WI. Go Me!

21 Days with the Sisterhood!

First day of 21 Days challenge is going well. No soda this morning and I have my vitamins ready to take after lunch! Guzzling my first liter of water as I type. Tonight’s my late night at work, but I hope to get hope before dark to get my next day of C25K in. How are you guys doing?

Now a question or three for you…..I’m trying to find a good heart rate monitor/interval timer watch to help me with my C25K…can anyone suggest one? Do you have one and like it?. I’m torn between the Polar F11 and the Garmin FR60. Anyone have one of these? Any other suggestions would be appreciated!

Have a great day ladies..keep those healthy habits going!