My true confessions this week doesn’t need words…although I will give you some highlights.  The pictures will say a thousand words. Let’s just hope they don’t put a thousand pounds on the scale this week!

Birthday Dinner…Seasame Chicken and Chicken Lo Mein. With a  Pepsi…or two.

Birthday Dessert…Strawberry Golden Oreo Blizzard. I highly recommend this, it was awesome!

Friday’s dinner….buffalo chicken sandwich, french fries and a tall Bud Light. Oh with a side of ranch for dipping.


Saturday’s Lunch….Primante Bros Black Angus Sandwich.  Drool.

Saturday’s Snacks….fudge samples from Cabela’s.  Favorite was the Carmel Praline…or the Carmel Nut…or the Chocolate Nut…or the Lemon Pie.

Then I was thirsty from all the fudge, so I needed an Icee. Cherry.

Saturday Dinner…All the Way Pizza from our favorite local pizza place. With Sweet Tea. Oh and cheesy garlic bread.

Wow…no wonder I felt bloated this weeknd…that’s more unhealthy stuff then I’ve had in a long time.  But I had a good time during all of it, so I’m not beating myself up, just stopping the cycle before it becomes normal again.