Oh this is gonna feel good.  Been a bad girl the past week, well not bad bad, but definitely not good.

  • Ended the Biggest Loser challenge at work…I was only down 4 lbs.  So needless to say I didn’t win the cash money grand prize.  Suck. Oh well it’s my own fault.  At least I ended lighter then I began.
  • I haven’t tracked my food for the last week and a half, and *may* have consumed Five Guys, pizza, White chocolate Reese Cup(s), graham cracker and icing sandwiches, and a Spicy Chicken Sandwich during that time.
  • On the plus side, I passed up an awesome looking Sticky Bun, Chinese, BW3s and Peanut Butter Oreos.
  • I started C25K week 5 last night and only had to stop roughly 20 seconds short the first 2 intervals!  I still am sweating like a banshee, but it feels great!  I earned that sweat.
  • I found out my cousin  is going to have a little boy in December!  She had a little girl who turns 1 in a few weeks…so happy to see her beautiful family growing and thrilled to have a baby boy in the family again. The last baby boy is  now 11.
  • I decided to quit thinking about it and bought some fertility related products over the weekend.  Figure if the dr doesn’t want to do anything medically until the end of the year, I might as well try to increase the odds all that I can in the mean time.  Amazingly, I’m not as stressed as I was a few months ago.  I’m just accepting that our little bean just isn’t ready to be created yet. She/He will know when it’s time.
  • I have begun to realize that I am a self narrrator….way too much.  On Saturday when I was cleaning the house and walking thru the living room to go get the vaccum, I went into detail to the dog about what I was going to do next, then after that and that, and explain that when that was done I would shower and then cuddle for a little bit.  I think I got a huff from her, like come on lady just do it, your words mean nothing to me.
  • This was the best part of my day yesterday and I think it was her’s too.