The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans True Confessions

Let’s see…what has been weighing heavy on my heart and soul this week? Time to ‘fess up for the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.

1) I am feeling like I’m not really giving my hubby the attention he deserves, need to work on that. Guess sometimes I just get to comfortable and need to take a step back and work at trying to make him spontaneously happy.

2) We ordered pizza Friday night, and I am discovered that I love banana peppers. Don’t really know if that counts as a confession, but wanted to share it anyway.

3) I drank a full strength Mt Dew on Sunday, felt a migraine coming on sometimes caffeine helps.

4) I planned on working out Sunday night after dinner, but started sneezing a dozen times in a row repeatedly and felt achy, thought I needed to rest.  Think it was a good call, as I slept like a log and woke up with a sore throat Monday morning.

5) Emma hurt her leg on the ice Friday so we had to baby her all weekend, carrying her up and down the stairs and not letting her jump off the couch. It made me sad to think she’s getting older and will start having more aches and pains.

6) I’m proud of myself for finishing the No More Trouble Zones workout last night, even though I wanted to tell Jillian to surrender herself after making me do those horrible surrender reps (WTF!) (yeah, maybe someday I’ll incorporate weights above my head, but not now sister!)

7) I sampled one of the Pecan Crowns that came in the mail from my Shrinking Jeans friends last night…then I sampled another. Ruling: they are ah-mazing good.

8) I’m contemplating starting to drink coffee again. I am loving hot cocoa in the mornings and am counting the calories, but wonder if I’d be better off drinking coffee with SF creamer. Less calories but more caffeine…which is really better for my body?

Whew…that feels better!  Anything you need to get off your chest this week?  We have some great listeners over at the Sisterhood!  Come share!