The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans True Confessions

 Time to open our hearts and share at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.

1) I had a meltdown on Saturday, like the snot coming out of your nose crying meltdown. You know, the one where you are crying and then you just cry harder because of how hard you are crying. And then when you try to explain why you are crying, you just feel even more upset and cry some more. Anyone? No….just me, ok then…nevermind.

2) I have been counting my points, getting my water in and exercising regularly the past week, even working out Friday evening. Kind of frustrated that the scale really hasn’t budged since last WI…but trying not to let it get me down, I know I’m doing the right stuff.

3) Emma must have hurt herself again, after babying her all weekend, she was doing better and then yesterday started slowing down again.

4) CONFESSION: I skipped my workout last night after getting home and finding out Emma wasn’t feeling good again. Feel bad about it and can’t wait to exercise after my meeting tonight before Biggest Loser comes on!

5) What meeting you ask? I am officially starting Weight Watchers tonight…my first meeting is at 6:30! Got my passes I won in the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway here at Shrinking Jeans and can’t wait to get started.

6) CONFESSION: I am so nervous about being judged at the meeting tonight. I have only gone to one open house before and got the “What are you doing here” look…like I wasn’t big enough to be there. Do I need to lift up my shirt and actually show them my muffin-top spilling over my pants? Or wear a nametag with my BMI plastered on it? I’m praying that was just a rare occurrence and tonight I will be welcomed with open arms.

7) For the time being, for reasons that I am not ready to share, operation baby is on standby so to speak. I am really sad about this, but understand the reasons and know that whatever is meant to happen will happen. Looking to a higher power to help us along this journey.

Well now that you all know what an emotional week it has been, come share your thoughts and trials with the Sisters…we all are really good listeners!