True Confessions

Here we go…in no particular order….hold on this might be a bumpy ride.

• I am a worrier. The inches of ice and snow that have accumulated over the snow storms of the last few weeks have me freaking out that our roof is going to start leaking once it thaws out. Not sure why, shouldn’t be any damage from the storm, just thinking the worst. There were almost 4 inches of ice in some places…that can not be good for the shingles.

• I finally made the decision (I think so at least) about what DSLR I am going to splurge on with tax return money. Eeek! So freakin excited to be buying a REAL camera!!! It’s a lot of money to spend, especially when I don’t have an adorable baby to take pictures of yet, but it’s something I have been wanting for years and I know it will be put to good use. So I might as well bite the bullet, quit overanalyzing it and get it for myself right? Sure I could spend it on new countertops or something for the house…but I rarely get any big ticket items for myself…and I deserve to. Right?  It’s ok to be selfish sometimes isn’t it?

• I spent way to much time tweaking my blog and lounging this weekend-it was nice I must admit.  Bad side, I did not workout either which has me mucho nervous about WW tonight! Why can’t I get refocused!

• Part of this trouble refocusing on working out, had me “this close” to joining the VTNT Sisters for the San Diego Marathon.  It would amazing to do it for my aunt and raise money for research that I know has helped and continues helping her.  I’d be jumping into it so late and would I be able to raise the money in a few months?  And then I start to think about the sisters who are working hard for this race and I feel like I would be doing it a little disgrace by jumping on board and would probably only run maybe half of it.  I think its an awesome thing to do and I commend them for stepping up to the plate and pushing their bodies to do it.  I’m just a tad bit jealous of their mad training skillz.  Maybe I’ll work towards it this summer and sign up for a local race in the fall.  Still honoring my aunt but making her proud of what I am doing at the same time. I don’t know…why is this so hard for me to let go?  Something keeps dragging me back to considering it. I need to just let it go.

• My aunt started her chemotherapy on Saturday night. She is taking the pill form again, like she did after her first surgery. She is at home and people are taking turns being with her while her husband is at work. My grandma stops over for a few hours each day and frequently uses the phrase “bless her heart!” when she talks about her unloading the dishwasher or wanting to help with dinner. She’s a strong woman and the dr said to let her do whatever she felt like she could.

• She had some issues when she first got home, she kept talking about being a little girl in Mexico at the beach. But she is doing better and is back to her normal personality now. Guess that’s common with brain surgeries to pick up on different personality traits hidden with in. I’m just glad that hers was happy.

• I woke up with a killer migraine this morning about 3am. Was still there when I woke up and started getting ready, but then it turned into a pinching migraine which makes me nauseous. So I called the boss and told him I would be in late. Went back to bed for a few hours. It has turned into a pulsing migraine, which for me is better because it doesn’t make me feel like I want to hurl my guts out. Hoping it makes like a tree and leaves soon.

Whew…I feel better and a little ashamed at the same time.  Know what I mean? Come share your confessions with the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans…I’m sure you’ll find some interesting things there!