The Nursery

in Nursery, You Capture, May 26, 2011

Welcome to our nursery! It’s so pretty!
We have been putting the final touches on it for the last few weeks, and besides a few pictures that will be added, it is ready for our little girls arrival in a few short weeks.

We went back and forth between this bedding and one with pink and brown elephants. I am so glad we chose the birds…they are so calming and the colors are so light and refreshing. And the long shag green carpet in the center….perfection! My husband had the vision for that, and I’m so glad he found it! I can’t wait to have her playing with toys on it. It feels so nice and relaxing!

The toughest part of the decorating was the blooming cherry tree decal. It turned out amazing and I can’t imagine the wall without it there. My husband did a great job putting it all together. I handed him the pieces but he did all the work making it look like it was meant to look.

We have a few cubes in her room. There is one beside the glider that holds extra blankets and breastfeeding supplies. And the one beside the crib holds all the books that people gave us at the shower with messages to our little girl. Things she will treasure for years to come!

The glider and ottoman are in the next corner, beside the window. Emma has been testing out the glider with me.We both approve and think the Grace will love it! I know I haven’t shared the name with many of you, but the time has come to share!

Our little girl is going to be named Grace Mae.
This is her dresser and changing table. Again, we went thru many Etsy shops before we finally picked out a decal for over the changing table. This one felt perfect, so glad we found it.

Right now I have changing supplies, burp clothes and medical stuff in the top drawer, onsies, socks, caps and accessories in the second, and sleepers and pants in the bottom drawer.
We’ll see how it works out once we start using stuff.

The sign that my cousin made for us hangs right inside the door when you walk in. I changed the fabric in the background to match the bedding more. It makes me smile and think how happy my mom would be in that room.

Quite a closet for a little girl don’t you think? We were blessed with so many clothes at our showers, we’ve got stuff that she can wear up until she’s about 2 years old. The bigger items and stuff we won’t be using right away and tucked away in here as well.

See…I wasn’t kidding about the clothes…not to mention the shoes! But who can pass up clearance shoes for $1! Not this momma!
I hope you enjoyed the virtual walk thru my happy place. We have spent many hours just sitting in the room and practicing our breathing and talking about how things will be once she arrives. I never thought I would feel so relaxed in that room, but its almost like this calm comes over me when I sit in the glider.
Anxiously awaiting her arrival.
Our pretty little girl.
Our little piece of happy.