The Big Ultrasound

in Baby Girl, Pregnancy, January 26, 2011
Yesterday was the big day-time for our 20 week ultrasound.
Above all we hoped to be able find out that our baby was growing properly
and had everything that was supposed to be there.
Of course we were hoping we would be able to find out the gender of our little bean too!
The tech started out and moved across my tummy and we first saw the whole body outline
of our little bean with a hand up by his or her little face!
Hello there little one!
The little bean was moving around quite a bit, and was being a bit shy.
The tech tried to get the infamous money shot to let us know what we were going to have,
and was able to see 3 faint lines which means…..ย 
The little bean was moving around so much, which was amazing,
but it was hard for her to capture a picture of it and she kept looking to try to find any sign of boy parts.
She didn’t see anything and was sure that the faint lines were true
and meant that the little bean is a girl!
We go back in 5 weeks for another quick gender scan,
but she is 90% certain we are having a girl.
We aren’t painting the nursery just yet, but the pink clothes buying will commence!
She then zoomed in and we saw the profile of our sweet little blessing! So sweet and cute!
Almost can see a little smile under that tiny little nose of hers!
After a few passes of trying to get some good profile views, she started out the testing and measuring. Everything looked good, the heart had allย  chambers pumping and measured the correct size.
The kidneys were functioning and we could see the stomach linked to the umbilical cord with some fluid in it so we know she is getting nutrition.
We saw the spine and 2 legs and arms and all the little digits wiggling around.
Her brain looks good and all the upper lip and fatty tissue at the back of the head
measure on track so there doesn’t seem to be any risk of
chromosomal abnormalities or down syndrome.
More blessings indeed!
She turned around we even got to see a frontal view with her two little eyes and nasal cavity staring at us.ย  She must be scratching her head wondering what all the fuss is about!
So amazing! Currently she is in a breech position, with her head on my left side.
But they say that normally changes in the 3rd trimester, and she’ll migrate south.
Hopefully little miss gets that memo and starts to shift over the next 4 months.
So we are so thankful that everything is going well and that our little girl is growing and healthy.
It was a huge sigh of relief to see her forming into a beautiful baby and hear the heartbeat stronger then ever!
She’s 20w5d and is on track for her anticipated June 9th Delivery Date!
Can’t wait to meet her!
I love her so much already!