Somebody wuvs me!

in Uncategorized, August 10, 2009

How surprised was I to get my first blog award! Melissa over at Whooo’s that Girl? stops by and checks in from time to time and I must have made an impression (good I hope!) and buttoned me with an award! Thanks ‘Lissa!

Now here are some of the blogs I check out that bring a smile to my face and and inspiration to my heart almost daily!

Brooke at Smart + Strong = Sexy
Heather at Mama Sass
April at Did that Just Happen
Ms. Bitchcakes at BitchCakes
Sarah at Washing Away the Gain
Jen at Prior Fat Girl
Amanda at Another Prior Fat Girl
Tammi at Woman of Moderation
Lissa at Whooo’s that Girl? (thanks again Melissa…you are awesome too!)
Ace at If you Think Round is Funny
Jason at My Angle on WeightLoss
Ashlee at Ash is Fit

Check them out…they are great!

For this award, please accept it, then acknowledge the blog & blogger that has given you the award in a post along with his/her name, and link. Then pass the award onto 15 other blogs that you love to stalk. So lots of love and fun will be had by all! Remember to write everyone to let them know that you have given them an award!