Saturday Cell Phone Mosiac

in SCPM, September 12, 2010

Hello all…its been a long busy draining week. I just realized I haven’t posted since last week’s mosiac.  wow that hasn’t happened for a while. I’m hoping that this week is less stressful.  Fingers crossed.

So today was a fun day around the ladybug house.  It was a beautiful morning, started out kinda cool.  We started the day off going to the Farmers Market.  Got some spice mixes to make a few things.  We were walking past the gourmet cupcake booth and they had come Buckeye Cupcakes sprinkled with red and silver jimmies, I pointed them out to my husband and the lady asked if we liked Red Velvet Cake.  We said yes, and she gave us a box with a slice of their famous red velvet cake to eat as a victory treat when the Buckeyes win.  How thoughtful…those cupcakes looked awesome.  Chocolate with peanut butter cream filling and icing.  YUM.

After that we went to the local orchard to pick some honeycrisp apples. Its a tradition we have been doing for the last 3 years.  They are the best apples ever.  And by the time you fill one of the large bags, you have about 20 lbs of apples!  Not bad for $25!  If you keep them refrigerated or cool, they last until November or December.  We got 3 large bags full, and will give them to various family members and friends.  They normally are picked out in the first day at the orchard, so we get a lot.

Then we came back and got ready to watch Ohio State tame the Miami Hurricanes.  They won so that was awesome.  A few field goals when there should have been touchdowns, but I’ll take the points and it ended in a win so all is well.  Did some laundry and now we are watching Alabama dominate Penn State.  Not sure if I’ll enjoy any of the cake tonight or let the Mr. enjoy it all.

How was your Saturday, link up below then come back and click on the mosiac above to walk thru my day.