Saturday Cell Phone Mosiac

in SCPM, September 19, 2010

It was a busy Saturday for the Ladybug house….big day indeed.  We headed down in the morning to our hometown to hit a few stores.  Grabbed some cool Buckeye shirts and a handbag.  Then we headed to the local dog pound to look at a dog that we have been thinking about adopting.  We wanted to get her out and play with her a little bit to see how her temperament was.  She was very excited, but who wouldn’t be after being stuck in a concrete cell for the last few months.  Once she got some of her energy out, she was leaning against us and cuddling and just being happy to be paid attention to.

We talked with the guy working and he stated she had been dropped off a few months ago because someone couldn’t keep her in their apartment.  She has been spayed and has her shots.  She knows kinda how to sit and shake, so we think she will be easy to train.  We have talked in the past about getting a black lab puppy, but when we heard about this dog, from my husbands grandmother (who wrote us a letter and sent us the dogs picture from the paper) who just knew this dog would be good for us and we would be good for the dog, it just seemed like it might be better to save a dog who probably won’t be picked and not have a choice to have its life ended.  Its just heartbreaking to think about the alternative for such a sweet dog with great potential.

So tomorrow we are going to start prepping the house for the girl, who is yet to be named.  My husband will go pick her up on Monday after we get her chipped.  We are hoping that Emma is excited and will get along with her new sister.  She is our top priority and we don’t want her stress out about someone else coming in, but we think she will quickly enjoy having the company of another dog.  So please say a prayer that happens.

Aftrer that. we came back home and watched Ohio State dominate Ohio Univeristy.  Then I went and walked 2.25 miles and got ready to head to my inlaws to pick up a few things.  When we got to their town, we saw a police car and flashing lights and the bombsquad.  Heh?  Yeah we stopped at Subway to get a sandwich and ended up being right beside the action.  Ends up that a man found some old artillery shells in his basement and then weren’t sure if they were safe or not, so that was interesting.  We evenutally got our dinner, picked up our stuff and then headed our my husbands brothers where they had a fire.  It was a great chilly night for a fire!

Click on the image below to skim thru my day and see pictures of the soon to be new member of our family.