Saturday Cell Phone Mosiac

in SCPM, August 22, 2010

Hi everybody! Happy Saturday…hope you all are having a good day. I’m thrilled to be hosting Saturday Cell Phone Mosiac for Ace this week….so thanks for stopping over and linking up!

It’s been a calm one around here for the most part. Getting some stuff cleaned up and organized around the house, got some special friends coming next weekend! Got up early and attempted to do Day 2 of Week 5 for the C25K program which should be 5 min Walk, 8 min Run, 5 Walk, 8 Run.  Started out good and finished the first 8 minute interval without stopping!  I felt awesome and was so proud of myself.  Then after my walk and I started my next 8 minute interval, I started getting a little stabby pain in my right side, so ended up walking the rest of the 1/3 mile.  But I did one interval and I know I can do more next time!

My husband heard a mouse in the attic and I (who am not a fan of mice…at all) spent most of the morning after I got back from my run listening to see if it sounded like it was scampering above me.  Ugh…hate those little things. I know I know, they are more scared of me then I am of them…but they still are so quick and creepy and sharp toothed….yug I seriously can’t tolerate them.  They creep me out, so we out something up there today hopefully to get rid of him, whom we have been calling Mr. BoJangles.

Going to watch a  movie tonight and just chill….its been raining most of the day, so its been housework and lounging most of the day.  Just seems like a nice way to end it.

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