Project Life-Week 4

in Uncategorized, February 19, 2014

Still trying to catch up on January’s layouts….slowly getting one done.
May just jump to the current week and then fill in when I can.
But without further ado….let’s jump back a few weeks!

One thing I am messing around with is changing over to square templates versus the round style. Still not sure if I will do with a double mat to allow some patterned paper for variety….or stick with just the plan white background. Its a work in progress…so who knows how my book will turn out!

Supplies used:
Coral Project Life Core Kit
SplendidFiins-3x4calendar 2014 cards
Ali Edwards Hello Winter Brushes 
365Unscripted: Stitched Grids by Traci Reed
Instaweather (Android App)
Rhonna Designs (Android App)

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