Monday Ramblings

in Cancer, Family, random, October 25, 2010

Hi friends..long time no talk.  Let’s start with some updates.

My Aunt Debbie finished her Avastin treatment last week. She hasn’t had any more problems with blood clots so that’s a blessing but her foot is starting to turn down a little bit and she can’t walk anymore.  My uncle has decided to admit her to a rehab/extended care facility for a few weeks to get some PT twice a day to see if they can get her any more mobile.  She is pretty tired and is unable to feed herself. I guess she has been sleeping alot lately. So let’s hope that she can get some help at the rehab center and keep her spirit up. Love you Aunt Debbie…you are a tough cookie….keep fighting!

One of my cousins is pregnant with her second child and is due in Early January.  She was admitted to the hospital late last week.  She is 29 weeks and was having contractions and dilating.  They did some type of test to see if her water was going to break in the next few weeks, that came back ok so she got to come home this weekend.  She goes in every few days for an ultrasound to monitor the baby’s progress but for now she is dilated 2 and 70% effaced. Dr would like for her to keep baking until December 10.  So hang in there baby Hudson-another 7 weeks till it’s time to meet you!

Emma had her teeth cleaned last week…and she did wonderful!  She is my baby and I was so worried about how she would handle the anesthesia. But she came out with flying colors…and her teeth look fabulous!  Way better then I ever dreamed they would and her bad breathe is a thing of the past!  They ended up having to extract 3 small ones in the back and she has to take some antibiotics for a bit, but she’s just as peppy as always.

Ellie is doing really good…anymore its Emma who snips at her.  Our neighbor Kim brought over a giftbag for the girls.  There were some homemade dog treats and some chewable goodies and a kong for Ellie.  She loves it!  Thanks Kim….great idea!  We decided to get her a kong frisbee to play with outside and that’s all she wants now.  She is really a sweetie and will just sit beside you, of course needing to be petted almost constantly.  We are happy with our decision to bring her into the family…she’s making improvements every day.

I’m feeling good, work has calmed down a bit after last week’s craziness.  I was fighting some sniffles but that seems to have passed me by thank goodness. We have some stuff we want to do around the house, including get some new insulation sometime in the next few weeks so that will be good before the cold weather sets in.  We went to the Ohio State football game on Saturday, and it was perfect football weather! I’ll try to post some pics of that soon, we had a great time, just me and my man.  We did finally turn on our heater last week but was able to turn it down and open some windows yesterday, it was a beautiful fall day!

Hope you all have a great week! Anything I missed that you want to share?