Let’s Meet some Friends

in Friends, December 5, 2011

While we were on Thanksgiving Break, my friend Natalie and her adorable daughter McKinley were going to be in Ohio visiting her family. We picked a spot that was halfway for both of us and decided to meet for lunch the day before Thanksgiving! Yay! I love meeting long-distance friends! Since we only have one car right now, it was best to have all of us take the roadtrip up to meet her. Plus I was happy that she would be able to meet my husband too.

You know how you are before you meet someone that you have talked with for a long time, I’m talking over a year. You are kinda nervous. You know, wondering will we get along as well as we do on FB/Twitter/Blogs etc. Am I as funny/witty/adorable as my writing and status updates are? LOL.

She is as sweet and down to earth in person as I thought she would be! She is such a pretty lady and we had a nice visit talking and catching up.

Isn’t her mini-me even more adorable! Look at those eyelashes! It was crazy to see this little baby (who I had seen growing and learning thru her momma’s pictures ) pick up french fries like a toddler. She is such a good girl!

It was so nice to meet her and I’m so glad we set something up while she was in the state. Grace was a little fussy after the longer car ride, and wanted to be held most of the time we were eating, so me and my husband took turns holding her. Hopefully if we do it again in the future, she and McKinley can play and color on some place mats or something.

Thank you Natalie for all the friendship and advice you have given me throughout my pregnancy and the last few months of learning to live and understand my baby girl.  It has meant so much to me and I am thankful for you!