Well well, it’s Tuesday already!  There are a few things I need to get off my chest so good thing it’s time to fess up and let it all hang out.

        • Even though I probably sweated out 142,785 calories while setting up and having our garage sale in 90 degree heat, it did not equal out the Chinese we had Thursday night (and leftovers on Friday for lunch) or Pizza at the lake on Friday night (and again on Saturday night at home).  Soduim…party of 1?  Yeah, bloated a bit…and surely that will be reflected in this week’s WI.
        • Didn’t get any walking in since Wednesday evening (unless you count the 1/2 mile I walked around looking at yardsales).  Boo me.
        • So here I am all in my bloated unexercisiness when I check Shrinking Jeans on Sunday to see that Bari had put me in the Sister Spotlight!  Wow…didn’t really feel like I deserved that after my behavior the last few days.  But like she said, I dusted myself off and straightened my ass up. Thanks Bari…gave me more motivation to get back on track more then you know!
        • I think I am obsessed with peeing on sticks.  It’s a condition, I swear it is and there really should be support groups for people like me.
        • I think I spent at least 6 hours trying to figure out what bathing suit I wanted to get from Lands End.  Seriously would I look better in Rhododendron or Deep Sea Blue or Plum?  Tough call.  I so went with a Tankini though because these abs are not ready to make their debut anytime soon.
        • We were exhausted on Sunday and decided to make it a movie day and just lounge and spend some much needed QT with Miss Emma.  Sherlock Holmes and Extraordinary Measures were sitting on the counter from the library..and we watched them both.  You can probably guess it, but I didn’t get out of my pajamas all day….and it was excellent!

        Ok well that’s enough dirt for one week, my halo is pretty tarnished this week.  Anything you need to get off your chest…come share with the Sisters…we won’t laugh at you.  Well maybe chuckle a little, but definitely not laugh.