I did it.
I started running again.
Granted it was only for 60 second intervals. And it was 1 gazillion degrees outside.
But I did it.
I even got up early on Saturday with the purpose of running before the day began.
Plus I knew we were headed to the Lake that night, and I wouldn’t have time to do it later.
And you know what, I had my best time of the week! It felt great to get back to challenging myself.
But you know what’s even better then that?
Last night I ran for 90 second intervals.
Yes I’m serious. This is huge for 2 reasons.
First, last time I started C25K, I stayed at each level for at least 2 weeks.  Guess I was afraid that I would fail and thought staying where I was had to be better then failing. Second, I wasn’t sure until I put on my HRM and went to set the intervals of what I was going to do.  I just thought, I have to at least try it, I can always go back if I need to. But I didn’t fail.  I did it.
And to my surprise I felt less like vomiting then I did last week. 
Except when I was done and sat on our front step, which I attribute to burping up the spagetti I had for dinner, but still no urge to vomit while running!
Oh and did I fail to mention that I did this run in my husbands black mesh basketball shorts?  Yeah, I did.
My other capris that I run in were in the washer and dryer respectively.  I started to put on my terrycloth capris and knew that was just sitting myself up for failure because I was hot before I even walked out the door. I had to wear some biker shorts underneath because the inseam kept riding up, but it was much cooler then the other option.
Now it’s not all rainbows and unicorns.
My inner calves feel like someone is bouncing razorblades off of them when I walk, and my left ankle has a random twinge, but other then that I feel good. I think the mental rush I got from it overpowered any pain that I had.  And I hope that continues.

*I  made a new page (see above in the menu bar?) that will track my C25K training. Gotta stay focused!