Hello December

in Uncategorized, December 1, 2015

Hard to believe it is December 1st.  What a crazy fall it has been. Let’s see….plant closures, heart attacks, cardiac rehab, funerals, anxiety, sicknesses…I’m kind of over fall. I’ll catch you all up on some of those highlights in the near future. I’m doing well and getting better everyday! So no worries.

I’m ready for a new month filled with hope and love and peace. All the good stuff that makes your heart swell up with happiness! I’m looking forward to making wonderful memories with my family and friends this month, and I want to document them here. My little piece of the interweb where I can let it all out and have a place to go back and look at whenever my memory is fuzzy. And mostly, I want to make some sort of life story for Miss Grace. Because let’s face it…she is pretty amazing and I want her to be able to see what went on when she was 4.

I hope you all come back and join me, I’ve missed my blog and  I can’t wait to dust it off and start sharing again.

A huge thank you to my wonderful friend Jaime, who is ubertalented and helped me make the switch to wordpress and installed my new blog design. She’s pretty talented, yo.