Dear McLittle,
Hi, my name is Grace. You don’t know me, but you have probably heard your mom talking about me and my mom, her name is Mendie. They are friends.  I was born less than 3 months ago, so they have shared alot of stories while they were carrying us in their tummies.
 Your mommy sent us a package when I was born, it had this outfit in it. Isn’t it cute! (Don’t worry, you are a boy so you won’t have to wear those big bows on your head. My mom thinks I look ADORABLE in them so she puts them on me all the time.)
The last 9 months while you have been busy growing into a tiny human, your mom has provided a comfy little suite for you. Well your lease is up babe, actually you were supposed to leave the premises yesterday but I guess you weren’t quite finished in there yet. I know how you feel, I wasn’t in any hurry to get out either, but one morning I started feeling the whole place shake and knew it was time to get out of there!  Hopefully you will begin your voyage this weekend and leave the little cocoon you have been wrapped in. I know I was getting cramped in my old place, it feels so good to be able to stretch your legs!
You are about to be born soon, and I know that you have no idea what that means, but since I went thru the same thing I just wanted to give you a heads up about what to possibly expect. These are just some of the things I can remember about it. 
  • First, there may some strange noises coming from your mom on your way out of the womb. These can range from grunts, to moans to cries….heck she might even scream. Don’t worry its just how she is handling the whole process. She doesn’t normally sound like that. 
  • Second, once you are born and the doctor holds you up for everyone to see, be sure to push all that air out of your lungs and let out a good cry. Mommy and Daddy are waiting for your first sound, so don’t keep them waiting too long!
  • Third, there will be a new way for you to get your food. Don’t be afraid of it, you’ll both get the hang of it before you know it. It’s pretty neat how it works, your mommy will take care of you.
  • Fourth, you are about to meet a lot of new people who have been waiting for you to make your appearance. You may recognize some of their voices. They are all so big and tall! But just be prepared, alot of them will talk in a funny high pitched voice. I guess thats how they think we will understand them. They make funny faces too.
  • Fifth, when you get home you will meet your “big sister” Chloe. I had two of them waiting for me, except mine were of the canine variety. She is used to being the center of attention, so don’t be surprised if she is curious and checks you out for a while. I hear she is a big fan of your momma, so I know you guys will get along great one day!
I know my mom is excited to see pictures of you once you are here. She says that its an amazing thing to be able to finally hold that little baby that was growing in her belly for so long. And I can tell she loves it, she wants to hold me all the time and tells me she loves me like every five minutes! You will get so much love and attention too….I think you are going to be pretty happy  with the parents you have!
Your Mommy and Daddy are special people and are going to teach you so much stuff and take you lots of fun places when you are older! And don’t worry, you will be able to hear that music they have been playing much better once you are born.  At first you will be pretty tired and will probably nap alot, its tough work being a baby. But before you know it you will start realizing you can do so much….we have these things called hands that I just discovered and you can move them and make them grab things…its pretty cool!
So until you get here and we find out your real name, I will say goodbye for now McLittle. So make it quick little buddy…you have so many people waiting for your arrival! Good luck and I hope you have a quick and safe trip into the world!
Your future friend,