That’s what I thought I heard!  How freaking’ exciting is this!!!

Shrink-a-Versary Challenge with the Sisterhood!

The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans is celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary and will hosting giveaways each day in November, so be sure to swing by and join us for a month of fun! I am so grateful that I found some pretty wonderful people that have the openheartedly given me so much support both on my weightloss journey and everyday dramas.

Here are my goals for November, (my starting weight is 147.4):

1) To FINALLY break out of the 140’s!  If I can lose 1 lb a week…I can reach that goal!
2) To walk/run at least 10 miles a week.
3) Be sure to get my 2 liters of water in each day.

***This is great timing for a new challenge, as this weekend I will be finishing the October Challenge with the Shredheads, and even though I slipped a little this week, here is how my month has gone.

Starting weight:144.0 lbs
Ending weight:147.4 lbs
*(blaming it on emotional eating if you recall this post, as I was holding steady and even dipped to 142.4 a few weeks ago)

Inches: down 4.25 inches total ( Chest: up 1 inch, Waist: down .5 inch, Lower Abdomen: down 2 inches, Hips: down .5 inch, Thighs: down 1.5 inches, Butt: down 1 inch)

Since the start of the Shredheads challenge,  I have gotten back into 3 new pairs of pants/jeans.  So even though the scale isn’t looking better, I can tell that my body is starting to move into the right places!  Up until last week I was Shredding Mon/Wed/Fri mornings and doing C25K on Tues/Thurs evenings.  Am comfortable doing 3 minute intervals of running/walking.  Ready for something new, think maybe my body needs some sort of change to get back into a routine.

So stop over and join the Sisterhood’s Extravaganza for what looks to be an exciting month full of surprises!