It’s that time again…time to get the Christmas Cards in the mail. I love sending Christmas Cards, and up until a few years ago, I had always done the traditional boxed cards, maybe 2-3 different designs.  I love the idea of Photo Cards, but thought isn’t that just for families with cute babies? Then I started getting photo cards from friends that didn’t have kids, and I loved getting them, it was nice to see their family, especially if they don’t live close! And ones with pets…too cute! And anyone that knows our family, knows that Emma is like our cannine child and now we have her “sister” Ellie, so of course the dogs would be included in our card photo!

So I thought about ordering some for this year, and then when we found out we were expecting I thought, what a fun way to start doing Christmas Photocards!  I have ordered prints from Shutterfly in the past and have always been happy with their service, so I checked out their selection and found a few designs I am loving! I’m thinking of going with multiple photos, since it would be pretty tough to get all 4 of us in one shot and look presentable. Actually, there would be be 5 of us, but bean is just the size of a peach now, so we can work that in just fine.

What do you think about this one? Hubs and I at the top and solos of each of us in the other ones.

I’m kinda digging this one too. Maybe get both dogs together in one shot for the bottom?

Or what about this one, and dressing up in our Ohio State attire? That would be ubercute!

My question to you: Do you like getting the flat cards or do you prefer the folded ones? We put ours on a stand, so the folded ones are a little easier to stand up, but the flat ones are good for hanging along the door frame.

Guess I have some decisions to make about what pictures we are going to put in this card…time is ticking and we need to get these holiday greetings to the right people pronto!

*The wonderful people at Shutterfly are offering 50 free photocards in return for blogging about their 2010 Holiday Collection. I love browsing thru all the cards, even if I don’t end up buying them. I choose to do this on my own, not because they tell me to.  As you can see, this is super easy to do and gives you so many ideas for fabulous holiday cards. If you want to, go check it out here for yourself!