It’s time to get Down and Dirty with my sisters….time for the first weigh-in!
shrinking Beauties….formerly known as Team B….let’s kick some boo-tay!

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

This week’s change: -1.4 lbs
Challenge total: -1.4 lbs

Woohoo! Good to see a loss again after a few weeks of slowly creeping up. I started week 5 of C25K on Monday and if the rain holds off tonight, I will continue onto Day 2….which contains an 8 minute running interval!  Eeek!  I started tracking my foods again and have been holding around 1200-1500 calories depending if I run or not.  This Friday and Saturday will be my first obstacle of the challenge, we have physical inventory at work so I will be working 15 hr days with little breaks.  There are always lots of temptations around like candy and pizza, so I just have to be prepared and bring some good snacks to grab if I feel snacky.  I can do it, not worth splurging on work.

How was your week…were you accountable?