Well, I made it the end of Week 2 of C25K. No falls, no sprains and I didn’t cry one time! That’s pretty good.

First I want to share another milestone that I achieved this morning. I am proud to day that I lost 3 lbs this week, pushing my total to 45.4 lbs lost! I weigh 5 lbs less now then I did on the day I got married almost 5 years ago! That’s awesome! I can’t help but wonder why I let myself get so heavy and out of shape throughout the last five years. I had some rough stressful times when my mom had to get her pacemaker/defibrillator , finishing my Masters degree, buying a house, losing my mother…the list could go on and on, but everybody has rough times. I just lost sight of taking care of myself during those rough times. But those are detours that I dealt with and am handling better now while controlling my weight. For the first time, I am really focused on achieving my goal, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. That is a motivation in itself.

That means less then 10 lbs to my initial goal weight! Wow…can’t believe I am almost in single digits!!! Makes me wonder if I should keep going when I get there? Well let’s get there first then we can see what happens next. Baby steps Mendie, baby steps.

OK, back to C25K. I was really nervous starting week 2, it was 50% more then I had been running. Oh there were a few intervals that I had to stop a few seconds early because of the searing pain in my side…what’s up with that anyone…know how to prevent it? But other then that I did the entire thing as I was supposed to and each day was about the same speed, making it 1 ½ miles. I did notice that I started quicker and by the last ½ mile I was feeling it and wishing I could be done.

I actually ended up doing 4 days of this level, because I felt I needed a little more before moving onto the next one…which honestly freaks me out because it has a 3 minute run…two times! Praying my lungs can take it.

Summary of Week 2:

Day1:Wow, that extra 30 seconds really makes a difference..I feel the burn! In my side, my shins and my knees. Maybe I should have waited a little longer after dinner…think I feel something jiggling around in my belly. That can’t be helping.

Day2:I had to stop 10 seconds early in the next to last running interval, my side felt like it had knives in it! Am I breathing enough…feels like the whole neighborhood can hear me exhaling as I run. Said hello to a neighbor as I was running and sounded like a cross between Grover and a psycho killer. Lovely.

Day3:Feels good, still having side pains after the first mile, sweating like a whore in church (thanks grandma for that saying) and am red as a lobster…but I’m doing it. Legs are a little jelloish when I walk in the house, but I am happy I got out and did it.

Day4:Had to an extra rest day before I got this last one in, and from the beginning of the run my calves felt sooo tight. Started out towards the front inside, different from shin splints definitely more in the muscle. When I finished my 1 ½ miles, stretched and got inside to sit down to take off my shoes, my calves were sooo tight! Walking felt like it was so painful, almost like when I started shredding. They are better this morning but still sore, am I running too hard, pushing off the wrong way, not taking long enough strides? Something is off, just need to experiment and see what doesn’t make me hurt. But finished the whole thing and fought thru the pain.

So overall, I am happy with completing week 2 of C25K. I cheated on 2 intervals the whole week, but only for about 10 seconds each. I am very nervous about week 3 starting, hope I can do it. It seems like such a big jump, but I guess they know what they are doing…millions of people have done it and so can I!

Ready for week 3 to begin this weekend! Bring it on…but be gentle with me please!