C25K-Week 1 Complete

in C25K, August 10, 2009

I was scheduled to do my final day of week 1 on Friday, but went out of town on a quest for a heart rate monitor to help me along my voyage. (I did find one…at a great price which made it even better!) So, I got up early Saturday (which means 10 am) because I knew I had to get my next run in so I could switch to the next level on Monday. Finished the run and it was great not having to look down at my watch, instead I programed it so once I was done with my 5 minute warm up walk, the timers started and beeped when i was supposed to switch!

I do have to admit though it felt like it was so much longer than the last 2 days! I think (gasp) that maybe it was because I was running a little faster and actually managed to make it about 1.5 miles in the 25 minutes! I am anxious to start Week 2 tonight, and a little nervous to be honest. It’s only another 30 seconds I think, but when you think about it, that’s 50% more than I am running at a time now…that’s a pretty big jump! I am excited though and hope that I feel as good as I have after my week 1 runs.

Summary of Week 1:

Day1:Ouch, my spleen hurts! Wow my calves are burning. Wow I’m really out of breathe…and it’s only the second interval! Will I be able to walk tomorrow? Whose idea was this anyway.

Day2:Wow…We are a little further than we were last time when we started running…must be walking faster. Wow…we got a mile in just over 10 minutes. Wow…it took us almost 10 minutes to get the next 1/2 mile…shouldn’t have worked so hard at the beginning huh?

Day3:Wow this is nice, going for a run on a cool Saturday morning. Beep…time to switch…and my heart rate is 182, max target is like 185…gotta work on getting that down a little. Ugh…I’m back at our house and it’s only been 10 minutes…guess I’m going around the loop again. I must be getting faster because I’m sweating more.

So overall, I am happy with completing week 1 of C25K. I didn’t cheat or nod off early at all…sweat like a banshee (and burned roughly 208 calories on my Day3 run)…and had no injuries and little pain (except for some sore shins the days in between runs, but they were gone by the time my next run came around). Ready for week 2 to begin tomorrow!